Convicted killer granted new trial

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- The misconduct of two attorneys resulted in a new trial for a man convicted of murder.

Friday afternoon a judge granted Billy Thompson a new trial scheduled for Oct. 15.

The move comes after an investigation into two prosecutors.

The two were fired for failing to inform the defense in Thompson's case that a key witness had changed his testimony.

The man Thompson was convicted of killing was 21-year-old Manuel Sanchez.

Sanchez's grandmother, Tilda Scott-Harjo, said, "We have assurances that we will get another conviction and justice for Manuel and that is our only concern. We've worked all our problems out and we are very confidant that we will get another conviction."

David Slane, the family's attorney, said, "The family fully expected this to be done. I will just tell you that after looking at the evidence that will come forward in the new trial and being a defense lawyer for almost 20 years, we still feel very confident that there will be a conviction in this case. We want to be very careful about making any statements that would jeopardize another trial."

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