Inured OKC woman vs. Metro Transit

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Denise Precord will never forget the bus ride she took Feb. 16.

She said she was injured in the crash at Linwood and Indiana and now suffers a host of medical problems.

"I'm still taking medicine for pain and muscle relaxers," she said.

Police said the driver of a black SUV ran a red light and collided with the bus which then hit a nearby building.

Video from inside the bus shows passengers thrown from their seats; 11 people were taken to the hospital.

Denise suffered injuries and is now suffering financially.

"But all those bills are falling back on me but my insurance is refusing to pay for it because they say they're not liable," Precord said.

Metro Transit has denied Precord's claims to pay her medial costs.

Michael Scroggins for the Central Oklahoma Transportation and Parking Authority, who runs Metro Transit, told us, " The claim was denied on the basis that COTPA was not found at fault for the cause of the accident."

But the SUV driver had no insurance.

Precord's insurance company, Aetna, said that the city bus system is a common carrier and should be responsible.

However, COTPA does not have Uninsured Motorist of Medical Payment Benefits coverage and doesn't have to by state law.

The Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John Doak said that Precord's only option may be to sue.

Precord said she can't believe it has come to this.

"I think that everyone who pays their tax dollars has a right to know that even though we were not at fault, we were not taken care of," Precord said.

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