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In Your Corner: Have you seen this car?

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Corey Wright fears something terrible has happened to his '72 Pontiac Grand Prix.

“You can imagine falling off a cliff and you get those butterflies straight to your throat,” Wright said.

His classic car has been lost for months.

F&F Engines was in the process of finding a new engine for the car.

“Next thing you know I pull up and this going on,” Wright said. “They're tearing down the building. One building is already torn down.”

The In Your Corner team has learned the property was sold after the long-time tenant, F&F’s owner, passed away.

The new owner tells us the shop was empty when they took control of it.

One theory is either the bank or the property's previous owner seized all the repair shop’s stuff, including Wright's car, and sold it off.

We can confirm the car's title is still in Wright’s name.

We'll continue to check leads.

Meanwhile, Wright is out the deposit, which he said he us OK with as long as his missing wheels turn up in one piece.

He said, “I want my car just as bad as I would want my pet dog if he was lost, almost like a family member.”

Wright has filed a report with police.

Vehicle description: 1972 Pontiac Grand Prix; two door, model j, with white interior