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Okla family talks about price of fame

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma City native, Noah Crawford caught the acting bug early.

His mom enticed him to pursue his passion.

Noah said, "I was a huge Star Wars fan when I was little and my mom said, "OK, you want to be in movies like Star Wars?" I thought, yeah! Well, those people are actors."

The Crawfords have invested countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars in acting classes, music lessons and traveling for auditions.

Noah's dad, Rich, said, We want him to be successful with what he loves doing which is the acting industry, film and TV.

At 17, Noah is on his way to stardom.

He appeared with Will Ferrell in Land of the Lost, had a role as Little Earl Hickey on NBC's My Name is Earl and recently landed a major part in the Nickelodeon TV series, How to Rock! 

Rich Crawford said, "It's been years in the making to get to this point."

Mr. Crawford warns there is no such thing as overnight success.

The Crawfords have made a huge sacrifice for the sake of the kids.

Rich lives in Oklahoma City.

His wife, Jennifer, Noah and three little girls call California their home for now.

That enables the children, all aspiring actors, to pursue their dreams of fame and fortune.

Rich told us, "My wife, God bless her, is very patient with the kids, a stay-at-home mom and working with them."

Noah is appreciative for all the love and support.

"I've always felt really blessed I have them to do that for me, to be able to make those sacrifices and they've been there 100 percent from the beginning. It's been great."