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Trial begins for dad accused of neglect in death of 3 kids

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- The trial begins for a Del City dad accused of child neglect in the death of his three kids.

Christopher, Crystal and Kaylee Dunham died last year in an RV fire.

Monday a jury was selected in the trial of their father, Christopher Dunham.

He's charged with child neglect or enabling child neglect as well as a possession of drug paraphernalia.

Testimony will begin Tuesday morning.

During trial the defense intends to call friends, family and co-workers to court to show Chris as a loving dad who was at work when the fire broke out and did nothing wrong.

"The defense always wants the jury to relate to the defendant. They want to see him as something other than someone charged with a crime, to identify with him on a personal level, as a father," legal analyst Jacqui Ford said.

The children's mother, Stephanie Dunham, entered a no contest plea last week.

She'll be sentenced in July.