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The fountain of youth: Crazy Water

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MINERAL WELLS, Texas -- Sixty years after federal regulations virtually shut down the mineral water industry, Americans seem to be returning to the well.

The town of Mineral Wells, Texas sprung up practically overnight, about 100 years ago.

Folks came from all across the United States for the water.

One of the most popular brands of water in Mineral Wells was Crazy Water.

Long-before the Food and Drug Administration started regulating prescription drugs, doctors believed naturally occurring minerals in the water could cure disease.

The citizens of Mineral Wells have always believed there was something special about their water.

Jeff McKamey stopped taking his prescription acid reflex medication a few months after he started drinking Crazy Water.

McKamey said, "The water has got a lot of bicarbonate and a lot of magnesium and calcium. It has a lot of the things you get in over the counter medication. It has really worked for me. We drink it all the time."

Carol Elder bought the Crazy Water wells 13 years ago.

Back then, they were selling a few gallons a week.

Last year, Elder sold about half a million gallons of Crazy Water with retail distribution in Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

Crazy Water is still headquartered out of the original drinking pavilion built in 1904.

The wells are tested annually and regulated by four different state and federal agencies.

According to regulators, Crazy Water contains magnesium, potassium, calcium, silica and trace amounts of lithium.

Lithium is said to cure the "crazies."

Drinkers report improvements with digestion, arthritis, energy, stronger hair and nails, clearer skin and overall happiness.

Elder said, "It's actually one of the strongest mineral waters that you can buy in the world."

Crazy Water workers still hand-bottle some at the pavilion, though the majority is done at another facility outside of Mineral Wells.

There has been a real ground-swell of customers thirsty for the very latest healthy alternative to long-life.

Crazy Water comes in four varieties.

Each variety contains a different concentration of the naturally occurring minerals.

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