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Woman stuck with needle while gardening

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Trudie Davis of Oklahoma City loves to work in her yard but with one quick stick, she said her favorite hobby is done.

"My gardening days are over, too high risk."

Too high risk, because Trudie said when she was shoveling peat moss into some flowerpots, she got stuck with something horrific.

"When I pulled my hand out with a hand full of peat moss, a dirty hypodermic needle was sticking in my glove. When I took the glove off, I had a puncture wound."

So far Trudie has tested negative for HIV but she's not in the clear. 

She still has to go through more testing and it's going to be quite a while before she has any chance for peace of mind.

The peat moss Trudie purchased is made by Premier Horticulture, Inc., based in Quakerstown, Pennsylvania.

The brand is sold at a number of retailers.

Trudie now wants action.

"Inspection, quality control has got to change," she said.

We did talk to the Peat Moss manufactures, Premier Horticulture.  

They told us, "We've been in business for 83 years and this is the first we've ever heard of this happening. We will definitely be looking into the matter."