Chaos at the convention, police called to assist

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Norman, Okla.-- Contention at the convention, that's how many Republicans described the Oklahoma State Convention Saturday.

Republicans from almost every county gathered in Norman to vote on party issues. However, parliamentary procedure took a back seat to physical altercations.

Dozens of attendees told NewsChannel 4  police had to get involved when a Mitt Romney supporter believed to be almost 80-years-old punched a Ron Paul supporter in the head after they disagreed on a vote.

Kyle Minor spoke to us about being hit. "At the end of the day we got everything done. I don't want to focus on the negative but I do appreciate the police assistance," says Minor.

Conference goers showed us video of the police defusing the situation.

Viewers later tweeted to a reporter Minor may have been aggressive with the elderly man. Witnesses also say a woman was hit in the back by another woman.

They say a water bottle and paper were thrown.

Norman police could not be reached for comment as it was after hours.

Attendees say there was a lot of disagreement throughout the day but things came to a halt when the lights were turned off and the conference room walls closed one group out.

Former Vice Chair Cheryl Williams says, "This just breaks my heart. I want justice and peace among the party."

When our cameras arrived, supporters for Romney, Santorum, Gingrich and others were gone. Only Ron Paul supporters were left to talk about their concerns.

However, some of the party officials we spoke to off camera say they believe things got heated and out of control because supporters of different candidates are so passionate about the upcoming election.

But they also say, at the end of the day, they're all Republicans and want see one of their own in the White House instead of President Obama.

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