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Edmond Police investigating drowning homicide

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EDMOND, Okla. -- Edmond police are investigating their first homicide of the year. 

An 89-year-old woman was discovered drowned in the bathtub of her home at 1000 E. Edwards. 

Her great-nephew, who lived with her, is under arrest for the crime.

The victim's family tells us she'd only been living in Edmond a few months. 

They moved her there from a nursing home in Lawton to live with that great-nephew and his mother but the relocation proved to have tragic results.

Louie Almon is another great-nephew of the victim. 

"It's like a nightmare. I wish it never happened. And I wish, I wish I was here to stop it," said Almon.  "She was the nicest lady on the planet and she didn't deserve it, at all."

Police were called to the Edmond home Saturday afternoon on a report of a drowning in a bathtub. 

The man who made that 911 call, Ronald Sparks, 47, another great-nephew, is now under arrest for the elderly woman's murder. 

"Initially when they arrived, he was upset. But you know it's difficult sometimes to determine the level of how someone is upset when it could be, is it the circumstance that actually occurred there or are they masking their behavior?" Edmond police Sgt. Chad Langley said.

Police said there were signs of a struggle inside the home and that the details of Sparks' story just didn't line up with a normal drowning. 

"Typically when a patrol officer responds on a drowning, typically it's an outside drowning in like, you know, let's say a pool or a lake or something to that effect.  Anytime you have a drowning inside the home, they're going to be alert to the possibility of foul play," Sgt. Langley said.

"What my aunt says, when he wakes up, he made her breakfast, helped her to the bathroom, did all kinds of things for her and this is like a shock, shocking news. I just can't believe it still," Almon said. 

But Almon also calls his cousin an unstable man, a walking time bomb, and says he should havebeen on his medications. 

"It's just, it's not a very good way to go, you know? It's very sad the way he did it. I hope he stays in prison for the rest of his life and I hope he pays for what he did," Almon said.

Almon did not specify why his cousin took medications. 

Police said the suspect and victim were the only two people home at the time of the crime. 

Sparks is in the Oklahoma County jail and Edmond police plan to turn over the evidence to the district attorney who will file any formal charges.