In Your Corner Update: Notorious Scam Artist Still At It

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Our In Your Corner team continues to expose a notorious Oklahoma contractor.

Already Brian Krafton’s been convicted of defrauding customers and he’s accused of cheating subcontractors and employees.

Krafton also ran a suspicious charity, posed as a former employee and was even offering financial advice for a fee without a license.

Time and again we've confronted Krafton about the allegations.

Last week, Edmond police picked up Krafton for writing hot checks at Sunflower Market in Edmond.

Krafton, who has since bonded out of jail, claims he's given up roofing and credit repair to run a not-for-profit job placement agency, OkJobsNow.

“We place elderly, convicted felons, senior citizens, youth, disabled people, hearing impaired and [the] blind,” Krafton said.

He alleges he's partnering up with various metro businesses, including H.I.S. Paint Manufacturing Company, to place job seekers.

A spokesperson with H.I.S. Paint Manufacturing Company called Krafton’s claim absurd and said they never used Krafton’s agency to fill a job vacancy.

Current and former Krafton employees tell In Your Corner Krafton posts false Craigslist ads to entice job seekers.

He refutes the claim but admits to unintentionally ripping off some Oklahoma homeowners.

Krafton continues to pay restitution to his roofing scam victims.

Remember, he's still serving deferred sentences in Cleveland and Oklahoma counties, which means with one slip-up, a judge can revoke his sentence and throw him back behind bars.

We’ve forwarded the findings of our case to prosecutors. We'll keep you posted.