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OKC man arrested for embezzling spare ribs

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A metro man is arrested for allegedly embezzling spare ribs.

The suspect worked as a truck driver for a business on the city's southeast side.

Unfortunately, the parking lot at Crossroads Mall isn't a crowded place these days.

That made it easy for employees at a nearby trucking company to see one of their drivers, Terry Moore, allegedly unloading boxes of spare ribs from his semi truck.

The suspect admits what he did was wrong but claims he didn't mean to break the law.

"What I did was, I put it in my daughter's car so I wouldn't have to be carrying it around. I shouldn't have done it. It's my fault," Moore said.

Moore claims his semi-load had simply been overweight and that's why he lightened the load by taking out two $80-boxes of ribs.

That is a violation of company policy. 

His managers didn't believe his excuse so they decided to press charges.

"I hate that it happened," Moore said. "I don't even eat ribs 'cause I never thought it was worth the effort. They didn't believe me, so what can I do?"

"He said he was putting it into a car to transport it to the business to save time, but obviously that's something you can't do," OKC Police MSgt. Gary Knight said.

Whether it's ribs, cash or anything else, Oklahoma City said the bottom line is, if you're taking things from your employer and they don't know it, theft is theft.

"It's stealing whether you're taking money from a business or whatever. It's something of value and it's stealing either way," Knight said.

"I never should have took it out of the truck to haul the stuff to the depot like I did. I was in the wrong but should anybody have been arrested for it? Probably not," Moore said.

So far the rib fiasco has not cost Terry his job.

As of Monday, criminal charges have not been filed by the District Attorney's office.