Thunder fans prepare for World Peace

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Seven games ago, Ron Artest (who calls himself Metta World Peace) put an elbow in James Harden's face and earned himself a city full of foes.

Now, all of Oklahoma City is anxious to see how Thunder fans will greet Artest at Monday night's game.

Twitter has exploded with ideas for how the crowd should react when the announcers say, "Metta World Peace."

A fan who calls himself "Captain Thunder," said, "I think the crowd is going to 'boo' him and probably throw him out. But we can't do that. This is Oklahoma City. We believe in being right."

Game 1 of Round 2 of the NBA playoffs begins at 8:30 p.m. Monday

It is Artest's second game back from his seven game suspension for the vicious elbowing of Harden.

Some fans are encouraging the crowd to be silent when the announcer calls Artest's name.

Others think fans should turn their backs on the floor.

Most expect the crowd to erupt in a symphony of boos and hisses.

The Director of Security at The Chesapeake Energy Arena is preparing for a tense crowd.

Tim Linville said, "There will be bag searches. We always encourage everyone to come early. There's a lot of fun stuff to do out there in Thunder Alley. So, come early and have a good time. It may be a little slow getting through the door tonight."