No age is too old to Thunder up

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- As the Thunder take on the LA Lakers, they will have tens of thousands of fans cheering them on.

We found one extra special fan, a lady named Betty, who loves the team and refuses to let her age get in the way of her love for the game.

Betty Windsor has been to nearly a dozen games.

Sue Perry, with the Edmond Senior Center, said, "Betty walked in last week with her Thunder playoff shirt and I thought, 'Oh, that figures.' And she told me how many games she's been to."

She loves Loud City, Nick Collison and that beard on James Harden.

We caught her in a little bit of down time, doing a puzzle with a friend following her morning walk, a little over two miles.

Sue said, "Betty is just a ball of fire. She tap dances. She line dances. She kick boxes."

A young woman at heart, her age is hard to believe.

Betty says, "I'm 91 years old."

She's an athlete herself; she started playing basketball in 5th grade.

Betty said, "I went to a little country school and we had a dirt court."

The court has changed quite a bit since then but her love for the game remains the same.

Betty said, "I think we have an exciting young team that are well-trained."

She gave us her thoughts on everything, including World Peace and that now-infamous elbow.

Betty said, "I'm ready to forgive him."

She even gave us her prediction for this second round series.

She said, "I think we will go to game 7. I think it will take everything we have."

Betty doesn't believe she is the oldest fan the team has, though when it comes to older fans, she may be in the best shape.

Betty said her secret is staying young is being active.

She said, "I've always wanted to be a lifelong athlete. I think the best thing you can do is keep your body moving and have fun doing it." 

Betty won't be going to Monday's game but she does hope to go to another playoff game this season.