10-year-old boy sworn in as police officer

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LEXINGTON, Okla. -- An Oklahoma boy battling cancer recently got a big surprise.

A small town police department decided to let him join the force.

It's a dream come true for the 10-year-old boy.

He not only joined in name but got the gear and a few assignments to go with it.

Xander Moore loves sports especially baseball and the OKC Thunder.

He may seem like an average 10 year old, but he's actually an honorary member of the Lexington Police Department.

Complete with a real uniform, a badge and handcuffs.

His mom, Ricki Lea, said, "It's the only thing he hangs up, everything else goes to the floor."

Chief Deana Allen, with the Lexington Police Department, said, "He really, he represented what an officer is supposed to represent, fearlessness and strength."

Strength through a battle with cancer.

Xander was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma nearly eight years ago.

He had a tumor about the size of a potato growing on the right side of his head.

He was in remission for a while but his cancer has returned.

His family has never faced the battle alone; the community has rallied around them.

Allen said, "His courage and strength should give all of us courage and strength."

Xander is not just an officer by name, they have actually put him to work.

He helped with security for senior prom and recently got to go on a domestic call.

Xander said, "I stayed in the car. I can't really remember what it was about."

Xander's uniform was made especially for him by Blauer, the company that provides uniforms for the entire department.

Allen said, "I wanted him to look exactly like us."

The company posted his story on Facebook.

Dozens of encouraging comments have been sent to the young officer.

His parents said Xander's attitude has never been anything but positive.

Ricki Lea said, "Most of the time Xander is the first to say, "There's no reason to worry, mom. God is in control.'"

Xander recently started a new treatment which requires him to spend about four days each month in the hospital.

He has two other dream jobs; to play for the Chicago Cubs and to own the Cubs.