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Lawmen accused of falsifying records

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

GRADY COUNTY, Okla. -- Authorities are taking a closer look at whether eight police officers and sheriff's deputies from various Grady County agencies doctored their credentials to keep their jobs. 

A list of eight law officials has been turned over to CLEET, officers and deputies who they claimed completed part of their CLEET certification.

However, at least one of the officers admitted he did not complete the training specified.

Now CLEET investigators are looking into the possibility that someone falsified records, and, if proven, the crime is a felony.

The allegation is that a CLEET certification form was falsified.

Listed are two former Grady County deputies, two former Alex police officers, one former Blanchard police officer and three current Ninnekah police officers.

The form claims the lawmen completed part of their CLEET certification but at least one of the officers on the form said he did not and didn't find out someone falsely said he completed the training until he looked on CLEET's website which it stated he was certified.

"There's a reason to have policies and procedures but sometimes I think they go a little overboard on them," Alex Vice Mayor Allen Huffines said.

Huffines said the allegations could be overblown.

However, one of the officers on the list said his chief of police told him to lie and say he completed the training when he, in fact, did not.

When confronted by CLEET, the officer said he went along with the cover up but claims he later told the truth.

"Falsifying could be anything from inaccurately dating one to different things," Huffines said. "The least little discrepancy can make a whole document void."

One of the men on the list, a former Grady County deputy, made a deal with CLEET that he'd surrender his certification and not be an officer anymore.

Of the eight on the list, six are still serving as some type of officer of the law.

CLEET asked at least two of the lawmen to turn in their credentials and one of them did. 

The investigation is ongoing.