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Pilot lives through crash after engine, landing gear failure

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SHAWNEE, Okla. -- An Oklahoma City pilot makes a crash landing in a field near Shawnee after experiencing a double dip of plane trouble.

David Bott, a CPA who has been flying for nearly 30 years, was heading to Shawnee's Municipal Airport for regular maintenance Monday afternoon.

As he was getting ready to land, the landing gear wouldn't come down.

"Since I had experienced it before, that didn't cause me a great deal of concern," Bott said.

But when he circled around to try to manually release the landing gear, his trouble doubled into a first-time experience.

"Somehow during that procedure, the engine started to fail and so I had to go ahead and do emergency landing procedures," Bott said.

With his engine stalling, his plane slowed down and gravity took over.

The wheat field beneath him would have to be his new runway for a crash landing.

"Oh it was rough," he said. "The landing gear wasn't all the way down. So it was bumpy and rough. It's something you train for and you know kind of what's going to happen."

Oklahoma Highway Patrol Trooper Tyson Wright was one of the first on the scene.

Although the plane's propeller looked more like longhorns, he was pleasantly surprised to see Bott calmly talking to officers.

"He was just laid back, like it was no big deal," Wright said.

Bott said there was no time to be scared.

His advice to other pilots who find themselves in that position?

"Don't panic," he said. " The main thing is don't panic."

But it never hurts when good luck follows a lot of bad luck.

"It could have been a lot worse," he said.

Bott believes the plane is a total loss but he is insured.

Despite this experience, he said he will most definitely fly again to visit clients around the state.

The FAA said they will investigate the crash.