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Starving horses found at abandoned property

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HOMESTEAD, Okla. -- A young woman from Homestead, Oklahoma said she discovered a horse so skinny it looks like a walking skeleton.

It, and another horse in poor shape, are fenced into a property around an abandoned house.

Ronnie Sue Root said she's been trying to get the animals help since she first saw them about a month ago but no one from the Blaine County Sheriff's Department has returned her calls.

No one seems to know who owns the animals.

The people who want to help them can't legally do so because the horses are most likely on private property.

Root said, "It really upsets me because the horse is innocent, didn't do anything to deserve a life like that."

To make the situation even more heartbreaking, the horses that appear to be starving are stuck directly across the street from a field full of hay.

No one from the Blaine County Sheriff's Department would go on camera with us but a deputy did show up when we were out at the property.

He said this is the first time he's heard about the problem.

He also said they are now investigating, have contacted the district attorney and are trying to find the owner.

Root just hopes it's not too late.

She said, "I want them to be rescued and taken into good hands and cared for and not just let them sit there and die."

Root said while she doesn't own any horses right now, she would like to start with the pair in this story.

Once they figure out who owns them, she plans to ask the owner if she can buy them from him or her.