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Animal Welfare Division investigates dog beating

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma City Animal Welfare is investigating allegations that a group of teen boys beat a dog.

The dog has been affectionately named "Hope" by a rescue group planning to adopt her after she is released by Animal Control. 

Hope came to the shelter on Wednesday, timid and suffering from signs of abuse.

According to witnesses, the abuse happened at the Briar Glen apartment complex near S.W. 59th St. and I-44, Monday night.

Concerned citizens called Animal Welfare but because of a communication breakdown, officers didn't respond until two days later.

They admit they should have responded sooner.

Animal Welfare Officer John Gary said, "We do work a lot of cruelties every year but this is not something that happens all the time. In these cases we treat them very seriously. We try to act quickly to make sure that whoever did this is prosecuted."

Investigators from with Animal Welfare plan to interview the witnesses and present criminal animal abuse charges to the district attorney if appropriate.