Oklahoma Watches and Warnings

Watch for unwanted hitchhikers downtown

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- If you are heading downtown for the Thunder playoff game, or any other activity, be careful. 

With construction projects at every turn, you could easily pick up an unwanted "hitchhiker."

The Devon tower, Sandridge Energy building and Project 180 are just some of the major construction projects in downtown OKC.

All those projects bring scattered screws, nails and other debris. 

Pat Smith manages Downtown Tire and Auto. 

He said, "There's lots happening downtown and especially after a rain like we justhad, things get wasted out into the streets. Customers pick up nails and we have repairs."

Downtown Tire and Auto has made hundreds of repairs in recent months. 

Smith said, "Construction workers are good for us. They leave the nails and debris out and we get all kinds of things, not just nails. We've pulled wrenches out even."

The streets are littered with debris.

We found lots of sharp objects right outside the Cox Convention Center; nails, screws and wire are drawn to your tires like a magnet. 

It is very unlikely the city will pay any claims.

OKC Spokesperson Kristie Yeager said, "There is really not much the city can do. Unless people can prove they got those nails from downtown and that's kind of difficult."

City officials are looking into the "tire landmines" and pledge to communicate with contractors about doing a better job cleaning up the streets for downtown employees and guests.

Yeager said, "We will get people out now that we know there is some sort of issue and try to get those picked up as quickly as possible."

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