Town of Valley Brook ordered to pay damages

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VALLEY BROOK, Okla. -- An Oklahoma County District Court Judge has ordered the Town of Valley Brook to pay an Oklahoma City Police Detective $11,000 in damages because of a bogus arrest from 2009.

Sept. 26, 2009, a Valley Brook police officer pulled over and arrested Detective Chuck Wheeler.

Wheeler was off-duty from his post as an Oklahoma City detective at the time.

Wheeler was detained for three hours and never charged.

Wheeler sued the town following the arrest because he said the officer had no probable cause to make the arrest.

Wheeler's attorney, Scott Adams, said, "The Valley Brook Police Department is an embarrassment to law enforcement throughout the State of Oklahoma. They are a joke. I've never seen a more dysfunctional police department in my life. Throughout this case, the department continued to change stories, to lie, to cheat. They did whatever they could to defame an honorable detective."

Wednesday, an Oklahoma County jury returned a verdict in favor of Detective Wheeler.

The Town of Valley Brook has been ordered to pay $11,000 to Wheeler for the arrest.

The officer who made the arrest, Shelby Field, was ordered to pay $1,000.

Adams said, "It was never about the money. It was simply to try to get Valley Brook to behave like a respectable police department."

Current Police Chief Michael Stamp was not the police chief at the time of the arrest.

Chief Stamp said his department would like to move forward past the incident.

"We were hoping for a different verdict but we had our day in court. We received a fair trial. In the end we lost. They won," he said.

Valley Brook calls the arrest an isolated incident.

Officer Shelby Field is no longer with the department.

The Police Chief said the officer resigned for unrelated reasons.

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