Great State: Trimble’s E-books

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WEWOKA, OKLAHOMA -- If ever there were a Oklahoma writer who could rest on his laurels it would be Vance Trimble. He has a Pulitzer prize to his credit as a newspaper reporter. "I do more thinking now than I do writing," he admits.

He has a stack of books with his name on the jacket including the definitive biography of Sam Walton. But inside his small office, Trimble still works. Technology might not exactly be his friend. "Well it's slowed me down a helluva lot," he chuckles.

Nevertheless, he's making good use of it. At age 98 his eyes can't see small print very well so he found a way to dictate much of his writing, and then to creat computer documents that he can offer as E-books. "I thought, 'hell fire. This looks like it will be interesting.' So I went ahead'," says Trimble. "There's a lot to learn."

The first time we met Vance Trimble he'd returned to a job as editor of the same Wewoka paper that first hired him as a teenager. We talked then about the job at hand and about the first time he interviewed 'Pretty Boy' Floyd's wife at the courthouse. "They had she and her son upstairs in the jail," he recalls.

From manual typewriters to electric, to word processor, to computer. Through it all Trimble kept writing. You can still buy a copy of one of his books or, thanks to him, you can now download several of them to Kindle or Nook. "It's the coming thing," says Trimble. "I'm sure there'll be a combination of reading and having it read to you in a some kind of combination eventually."

A good story-teller doesn't care how you get the story, only that you get it. Vance Trimble still 'gets it'.

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