News Channel 4 team finds Seattle murder suspect

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Data pix.

Data pix.

OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma authorities arrested a man in connection to the murder of his ex-girlfriend in Washington.

Police officers and state troopers took Jarod Lane, 19, into custody on a service road near I-35 and Wilshire Monday afternoon.

Investigators believe Lane was involved in the murder of 17-year-old Jessica Scholl.

Authorities said Scholl was stabbed and her body was found inside a burning home in Renton, Washington.

When police officers confronted Lane, they asked if he was the suspect they were looking for and he replied, “Yes sir, I’m not going to lie to you.”

Lane was spotted in Enid over the weekend and his car turned up in Logan County Monday morning.

While driving to Logan County to report on the search for this murder suspect, reporter Adam Mertz and photographer Mark Paris saw an individual who matched the description of the suspect.

The suspect was walking southbound on the I-35 service road near Britton Rd.

News Channel 4 contacted Oklahoma City Police and Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

"Adam Mertz with Channel 4 spotted the individual," Trooper Betsy Randolph said. "When they saw this guy walking, they not only called one time, they called numerous times to not only the highway patrol, but also Oklahoma City Police Department and stayed with this individual a safe distance away."

Authorities said there were other reported sightings of Lane near the Logan County area. 

A family member of Jessica Scholl contacted News Channel 4 after Lane was arrested.

In an email, they wrote: “Thank you all that were involved in this capture. I'm a family member of his victim and I know we'll all rest a little easier tonight. Way to make it happen!”

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