Hail deja-vu for northwest OKC

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THE VILLAGE, Okla. -- Monday night's hail storm seemed like deja-vu for folks in northwest Oklahoma City, including The Village and Nichols Hills.

For the second time in two years, those areas were again some of the hardest hit by the hail storm.

Broken glass, splintered siding, collapsed tree branches and tattered lawn furniture; hail damage left plenty to clean up around Jana Metcalf's home.

"I thought I was gonna blow away with the hail. It was terrible," Metcalf said.

In all, Matcalf lost four windows in her home to the storm.

Her neighbor now needs a new car window as well.

"It was very loud and very nerve-wracking," Joe Shuffield said.

"It was scary. You thought it was going to come though the house, and some of it did," Metcalf said.

Elsewhere around the Village, plenty of people are cleaning up broken windows, like Anjeri Haygood, despite her best efforts to protect it from the storm.

"I mean, I put a comforter and car cover on the back window but it looked like it just sucked it in," Haygood said.

"It looks like shotgun blasts. There's holes all the way through it," Richard Mitts said.

High winds also toppled trees into streets.

Some branches even fell onto homes.

A few houses already have tarps in place to prevent more water damage.

It's the second major hail storm to hit the same area in two years.

"Unbelievable the damage it can cause and to think we went through the same thing two years ago," Mitts said.

"I am really tired of the hail. It's been really frightening," Metcalf said.

If you do have to call your insurance agent, you will need to be patient.

Obviously those adjusters have a lot of people to look after.