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Power poles crash into homes

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Tuesday night's storm pushed down 12 different high-transmission power lines along 164th St. between Penn. and Western. 

Two of those poles crashed into the roofs of houses in the Fenwick addition. 

"High transmission power lines went across the roofs of 12 different houses and we had to evacuate all those houses and we did have to shut down traffic on 164th St.," Oklahoma City Battalion Chief Steve Lumry said.

A third power pole came to rest on the roof of the Murphy's USA gas station at the Wal-Mart.  

The gas station attendant said he was helping a semi truck driver delivering fuel when the storm blew in. 

"I went out here and was asking him if he needed any help to clean up right quick," Daniel Brumley said. "I was going to take him inside. We went inside and like I said, I just heard a crack, thought it was maybe the power lines coming down a little bit. Did not realize it was the pole."

No one was injured when the power poles came down.