Repair businesses overwhelmed after hail storm

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- For the second time in as many years, Ally Norick is assessing major hail damage around the metro.

On top of a Quail Creek home, the roofer told us, "Oh Lord. Now that's a gigantic one. That one is the biggest I've seen other than the ones that go through."

W.S. Bowlware Construction can barely keep up with estimate demands; homes in northwest OKC were bombarded.

Norick said, "Sometimes hail will miss a whole house and hit the one next door. People just don't understand that."

He said this assault from mother nature caused millions in damage but was not quite as bad as the storm of 2010.

Thousands of home, business and car windows were also blown out.

Danny Charles owns American Glass Co. He said, "My phone has been ringing non-stop since last night. It hasn't quit. I've run down two batteries on this phone."

Charles said the volume of calls is equal to two week's business.

There have been so many requests for glass repair, parts are on back order from surrounding states.

This may only be the first of a one-two punch from Mother Nature.