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Power lines trap residents

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EDMOND, Okla. -- After Tuesday night's hail storm moved through the metro, some Oklahomans were trapped inside their homes.

If you tried to drive down 164th St. between Pennsylvania Ave. and Western Ave., you had to turn around.

Power poles and lines crisscrossed the busy street; some crashed into homes and structures.

"It blew and hit the wall and broke and went up against the house and knocked a hole in the house," Paul Davis said.

It punctured the roof and you can see daylight in his living room as well as "pink stuff" also known as insulation.

"We had towels all over the floor and wet pink stuff all over the floor and I was like 'Oh, it's gonna start to smell bad,'" 8-year-old Grace said.

"My son and I were in the garage trying to get the cars in. We knew the hail was coming," Davis said.

The hail pelted down, and the wind brought down huge power poles with it.

Three homes in the Fenwick neighborhood were hit.

"The power line wires were still attached to it," Davis said. "So it was kind of like a slingshot. It kind of hit, made the hole, then it kind of pulled it back out."

Some had to evacuate in case the lines were powered back up again and could potentially start a fire.

"For about a good 10 seconds, this area was like a blur," Julius Nives said. "It looked like a hurricane. Hail, wind debris and then the power went out."

"All of a sudden there was a bunch of rain coming down in the room," Davis said.

Barricaded inside their home by electrical lines, Davis said he and his family knew that deadly power was boxing them in and waited for fire crews to give them the clear to venture outside.

"They're the high transmission lines so they're as big as your arm," he said. "We knew to stay away from it."

 "It was pretty bizarre," Nives said.

A large power pole also hit a gas station at the intersection of 164th St. and Western Ave.

The manager said he doesn't expect to open for business for a couple of days.