The Flaming Lips record Thunder Up rock song

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- As the Oklahoma City Thunder take on the San Antonio Spurs at the Chesapeake Energy Arena downtown Thursday night, fans have a new way to cheer on the team.

Oklahoma City's most famous rock stars, Grammy-Award-winning band The Flaming Lips has recorded a rock anthem for the hometown team.

The new song is called Thunder Up: Racing For The Prize.

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If you're a Lips fan, you might notice that the foundation for the new song is their 1999 hit "Racing For The Prize."

Frontman Wayne Coyne said, "It feels like something they would have played in the 1975 Olympics or something."

The lyrics are intentionally timeless and unapologetically thunderous.

Steven Drozd was inspired by his 6-year-old son Daniel's love for the team.

"To him, the Thunder players are like superheroes. We want to see San Antonio do the river walk of shame. It's pretty much guaranteed to happen if they play this song at the game," he said.

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