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Family asks for help with violent child

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GUTHRIE, Okla. - Martin and Patsy Papp live in constant fear for themselves and everyone around them.

Mr. Papp said, "We also have that fear in public. There are kids. If he gets mad, he could walk up and without evening thinking, clobber them.

He's referring to his grandson,15-year-old Ryan. 

The mentally challenged teen is quiet, peaceful and kind most of the time. 

But he's occasionally consumed with unprovoked rage.

Pap said, "He doesn't fight. He flails. If you're in his path, it hurts because he's super strong."

Logan County deputies have been called to the home repeatedly on domestic calls.

Deputy Rob Groseclose said, "These guys are out there constantly. Deputies have been assaulted. One was bitten. As Ryan gets older and bigger, it's going to get worse."

The Papps have sought psychiatric help for Ryan, tried several medications, even turned to the state for a diagnosis.  

But nobody seems to know the cause of his violence outbursts. 

Mrs. Papp said, "Everyone tells us they can't help and it's not fair. He need some kind of help, you know?"

They are desperate for answers, before Ryan, or someone around him is seriously hurt.

Martin Papp told us, "We know this can't be the only kid in the world like him. We know there are more kids and somebody has found a treatment that's worked for them or something out there."

DHS said they are looking into this case. 

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