Love triangle ends with man shot in genitals

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Oklahoma City police continue their search for an armed crook this week.

Police said the suspect is wanted for allegedly shooting another man multiple times in the leg and genitals after an argument on Monday.

The shooting started as a simple domestic dispute before escalating to violence.

Those who know the suspect said this isn't the first time alleged trigger man, Kasey Stell, has been on the run from police.

The shooting on Monday sent several people running for cover.

"When I came back it was a bloody mess. I had to clean up all the blood," Rosaline Miles said.

Rosalind, the mother of the girlfriend at the center of dispute, said Stell is the father of the girlfriend's baby girl and nothing but bad news.

"Why you have a gun and you're coming to get your babies?" Miles said. "Somebody didn't raise him right."

In fact two years ago, police arrested Stell for a string of burglaries at a different apartment complex in the metro.

Stell briefly escaped police custody by kicking out a police car window and running off in handcuffs.

"He went away, did some time and now he's back out and it's escalating," Miles said.

"A lady's ex-boyfriend had gotten into an altercation with a current boyfriend. The ex-boyfriend pulled out a gun and shot the current boyfriend numerous times," OKC Police Capt. Dexter Morgan said.

Police said the cause of the shooting this week is pretty clear.

Several people witnessed the crime.

"Yeah, there's no doubt who did this. The girlfriend identified Stell as well. We do have other witnesses to the crime," Nelson said.

"If they don't catch him, it's gonna get worse," Miles said.

The victim, Shannon Jones, remains in critical condition with injuries to his legs and genitals.

Anyone with information on the accused shooter is asked to contact Crimestoppers.