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Apartment residents without A/C again

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- It's a new summer but very much the same story for the residents at Southern Oaks Apartments at 3400 S.W. 44th St. 

"Sweating all day, you just want to sit in the house naked. That's how you feel," Jermaine Jones said. 

Jones and his family are dealing without air conditioning the best they can. 

"We stay in the house all day, try to keep the sun out, keep fans on, drink a lot of water," Erica James said.

Naomi Watson's husband suffers from dementia. 

"It's really hard on my husband and other people here," Watson said. 

She props her husband in front of a fan and keeps him cool with wet rags. 

"At 2:30, we couldn't sleep several nights; 2:30 I got up and it was 95 degrees," she said.

Folks in some apartments have chosen to install window A/C units but residents said they have to pay extra to do that. 

"We could have if we want to put a unit in the window but we had to pay $75 extra and when you're on fixed income, can't do it," Watson said.

Last year, News Channel 4 was out at Southern Oaks in last June when residents were suffering in triple-digit heat without air conditioning. 

Back then, the Oklahoma City Housing Authority sent management a letter, giving them a deadline to get the A/C working or they would terminate Section 8 rental assistance. 

Southern Oaks met that deadline. 

Residents are hoping it happens soon this year. 

"We just hope and pray they'll turn it on," Watson said.

Last year, an attorney for the apartment complex told News Channel 4 they had to order a $14,000 part to fix the air conditioning. 

This time, the manager said a fan belt needed to be replaced. 

She said it was being fixed Tuesday afternoon and the air would be on first thing Wednesday morning.