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In Your Corner: Thunder Ticket Scam

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Kate Henderson is a diehard OKC Thunder fan. Lately though, this super fan hasn't been feeling so super.

She was ripped off by scammers posing as Thunder season ticket holders on Craigslist.

Henderson said, "I saw that it was on row B, which is super close to the court."

Kate took the bait, but instead of wiring the cash, the scam artist instructed her to load the money ont a Green Dot MoneyPak card, something similar to a pre-paid debit card.

The crooks don't need the card though, just the serial number on back lets them drain the entire balance. 

The Hendersons are now out $900.

The MoneyPak card is not tied to a bank account, therefore your money is not insured against a loss, which means there's no recourse for Kate. 

On its website, Green Dot warns customers, "If you give your MoneyPak number to a criminal, we are not responsible to pay you back."

We wanted to know who was responsible for stealing Kate's money but by the time we tried the reach the scammers, their New Jersey numbers wer already disconnected. 

We did however uncover the same ticket scam in Boston for the NBA's Eastern Conference Finals and in New Jersey for the NHL's Stanley Cup.

Thunder spokesperson Dan Mahoney warns of other ticket scams where scalpers sell counterfiet tickets.

Mahoney said, "The only authorized online retailer and only authorized way to buy tickets online for us right now is the Thunder Ticket Exchange." 

Henderson won't go anywhere else for tickets from now on.

Don't dribble yourself into a corner.

Trust your gut and avoid ticket offers that require you to pay first before receiving your tickets.              

Get OKC Thunder tickets through the Thunder Ticket Exchange here.