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Teen nearly electrocuted at OKC park

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Jhessica McPherson is nursing serious burns to her hand and foot. 

The 19 year old was nearly electrocuted in a freak accident nobody would have ever anticipated. 

Jhessica and a friend walk through Dolese Park several times a week.

Recently, she got winded so she sat down on a wood post with cables running through the middle.

Jhessica put her hand on this cable and she was in for the shock of her life; somehow, the cable had electrical current running through it.

McPherson said, "When my hand locked around it, it bent me over the pole backwards. I couldn't move. It was getting harder to breathe. I could hear my friend screaming."

When her friend tried to pull her free, she too got zapped. 

McPherson said, "The current had nowhere to go so it went through me. Finally, she grabbed my hair and yanked me off."

EMSA medics said it's a miracle both girls survived.

Medic Tony McCarty said, "If it travels through the heart, it can stop it. She was very lucky. I'm surprised with that much voltage that she survived a 30 second exposure."

According to a report, an OG&E technician found 321 volts of electricity in the cable.

OG&E officials said they are investigating the incident and that there is no longer any danger at Dolese Park.

Jhessica McPherson said she will take no chances.

"I don't think I'll touch them ever again, just as a precaution. I'm just glad it was me and not a little kid. They probably wouldn't survive it," she said.