Residents suffering without working AC units

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OKLAHOMA CITY, -- Dozens of residents at Southern Oaks Apartments on 3400 SW 44th have been suffering without working air conditioning units since Monday. "I have a heart condition and diabetes and I have a handicapped daughter. It's hard for us to breath when its hot and we have no air."

Shirley is one of the many residents upset about the constant problems the AC units. "I pay my rent every month. But regardless, during the summer months we just suffocate."

This isn't the first time the complex has had issues with no working units, it had the same problem last summer.

When the units went out again this week, the manager told NewsChannel Four the air conditioning would be working by Wednesday morning. It wasn't, so we went back to get answers.

No one answered the door at the office. But as we talked to residents the manager came out but didn't want to talk on camera. She said, "We have until 5 o'clock."

We worked to find out who actually owns the property. According to state records the owner of the complex also owns a business on SW 59th. Employees there denied having anything to do with Southern Oaks Apartments.

After the five o'clock deadline Wednesday, we went back to find out if the air was on and, it was not. But this time one resident came to the manager's defense.

Julie De La Cruz says, "Even though they have had problems, each time they fix them. She (the manger) is doing what she can. The air conditioners are down but they have been out there working on them."

La'Tasha Givens Reporting

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