Mother seeking answers in son’s death

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MOORE, Okla.—A month after a 27-year-old man’s body was found in Lake Thunderbird, his mother is now on a quest for answers about how her son died.

Roosevelt Livingston drowned in Lake Thunderbird last month.

Livingston’s mother, Lyria Henderson, says she will not rest until she knows for sure how her son died.

However, law enforcement officials say further investigation into his death is not necessary.

Henderson said, “He loved his daughter. He was a good son, a good brother, a good friend.”

It was friends who were the ones to find Roosevelt’s body last month and for law enforcement, the case seems pretty clear.

Captain Chris West, with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, said, “It’s a situation we see many times over and over again. He didn’t have any personal flotation devices. The victim was actually very low-percentage of body fat, we’re talking like 2%, so he’s not going to float well. And then when you complicate it by adding alcohol.”

With no apparent evidence of foul play, there will be no autopsy but that is not good enough for Roosevelt’s mom, Lyria.

Henderson said, “How do you even know if it’s a drowning without doing an autopsy? You did that based on what people out there told you.”

She says there are too many unanswered questions and investigators need to get back on the case.

She claims, “He had dents in his head and there was blood coming out of his eyes, he says ‘well they drug him up.’ How do we know that?”

Capt. West said, “Our heart really goes out to the family. We understand that they’re struggling with it but our people didn’t feel like there were any signs of any foul play. It was just a tragic drowning.”

Henderson says that may be the case, but she wants the autopsy so she can know for sure.

She said, “And if I’m wrong, then okay but I need to know, one way or another.”

Henderson says if law enforcement won’t conduct an autopsy, she will do what she can to raise money to have a private autopsy done.