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Man running across U.S. for vets stops in Okla.

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- A man running across the country to spread awareness of veteran issues stopped in Oklahoma City on Monday.

Albie Masland, 29, said he started running more and more after a bout of hard luck.

"A relationship didn't work out, my grandfather passed away, I couldn't find work and I found myself generally unhappy," Masland said.

Running became a way for him to clear his head, to focus, but soon that wasn't enough.

"I would always think to myself, it would be wonderful if I was able to channel all this time and energy spent to a cause that would really benefit others," Masland said.

He found that cause in the Travis Manion Foundation and its support of veterans.

With a few sponsors in tow, Pennsylvania native Masland flew to California where he began his journey: a 2,800 mile run to Washington, D.C., spreading awareness of veteran issues along the way.

"We aren't necessarily prepared for the number of veterans that are going to be returning from these wars. I don't know if our facilities or our budgets are ready to deal with the different situations that they face," Masland said.

No longer defined by hard luck, Masland says these days life is about pushing through the pain and the fatigue and reaching his goal one day at a time.

Masland is also raising money for the Travis Manion Foundation.

You can donate to the cause by clicking here.