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Thunder ticket prices soaring

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Thunder tickets

OKLAHOMA CITY — It’s a simple rule of supply and demand; if something is in low supply and there is high demand, prices will go up. 

That’s exactly the situation with tickets for games 1 and 2 of the NBA Finals.

On the Thunder Ticket Exchange, where season ticket holders can sell their tickets, some seats are selling for as low as around $300. 

But it goes all the way up to $7,000 for a floor seat. 

One ticket broker we spoke with joked that some people were deciding to sell their tickets and make a house or car payment instead.

Scooter Proctor with said they only had about 20 tickets available for Game 1 of Thunder vs. Heat. 

But he’s urging Thunder fans to be careful. 

“There will be more counterfeit tickets in this city than you’ve seen in a long time,” Proctor said. 

He said fans looking for tickets should deal with someone they know or a reputable company. 

“People are going to buy on the streets and won’t be able to get in the game,” he said.

Greg Thomas was sitting on the street with a sign reading, “I Need Tickets.” 

He drove up from Texas thinking it would be no problem to get into the game. 

“I actually didn’t think it was this hard. I actually thought we could go to the window and maybe purchase some singles but they didn’t have any. It was all sold out,” Thomas said.

Thomas said he’d be willing to pay up to $500 for a single ticket. 

“This is day two actually. I started down by the center then moved down here and we bought signs from Walmart. Just made them and hoping, fingers crossed, that we get tickets.”

We also found ads on of people offering to trade for tickets. 

The owner of Bedman, Michael Brown, decided to barter, a mattress in exchange for primo game one seats. 

“We’ve got a mattress for every budget and bed man’s here to save the night,” Brown said.

As always, the Thunder hold back the final 200 tickets. 

Four hours before game time, fans can enter a raffle to either win tickets or win the chance to buy tickets for only $40 each. 

That will happen at the Thunder Reward Zone at 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon. 

Game 6 with the Spurs, they had more than 1,000 people vying for those tickets and they anticipate that it will be even more for this game.