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Toddler kidnap victim found safe

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SPENCER, Okla. -- The search continues for a man who stole an SUV with a two-year-old girl inside.

The little girl was found unharmed on the porch of an Oklahoma City home and her family is counting their blessings and thanking the family who discovered her.

Taleah Hill's family says divine intervention played a role in where the little girl ended up.

A man carrying a gun ordered Taleah's grandmother into a bathroom in her home.

Then he stole her car from her driveway in Spender with Taleah, 2, sleeping inside.

Her family feared they might never see her again.

But about seven hours later, she was found safe and sound.

Sunday night, Taleah was back at the house where just the day before, the residents found her sitting on a chair on their front porch.

"Well she's so cute! She's a cute little girl!" said Cassandra Bennett.

Bennett, and her mom, Solonia, did not know little Taleah had been kidnapped and somehow ended up at their doorstep.

They called police who rushed to the house.

"It startled her a little bit and so she took my finger and she was holding onto it like okay I don't know who you are either but I feel safe and all these people are up here," said Bennett.

Late Friday night, Taleah was in her grandmother's SUV in the driveway when someone stole the vehicle with her inside.

She had just returned from grocery shopping with her grandmother.

Early Saturday morning, the stolen vehicle was discovered at the Sooner Haven apartments just behind the Bennett's home. 

No one knows how she made it to their porch or how long she'd been sitting there.

"I just feel humbled that I could be of assistance because there's lot of houses between here and Spencer," said Solonia Bennett.

And Taleah's family is grateful that she ended up at the home of a former foster mother and school teacher, who actually taught one of Taleah's great-aunts.

"It's God's gift for her to go somewhere where we knew the people and she's a good person.  And she was also my daughter's teacher as well," said Brenda Wright.  "It wasn't nothing but the Lord and I'm very grateful that he didn't do nothing to her as well," said Taleah's mom, Kristena Brazel.

The Bennetts also feel it was divine intervention that Taleah's ordeal ended with her sitting peacefully on their front porch.

"I'm glad she's back with her mom and she's safe," said Cassandra Bennett.

Taleah's family went to the Bennett's home Sunday night to personally thank them, but unfortunately they weren't home at the time.

Taleah's mother did buy them a card and wanted to let them know how grateful she was that they watched over her baby at a time when she couldn't.

The suspect is described as a black male, 20-25 years old, between 120-140 pounds, 5'4" to 5'6" tall, wearing all black with a blue bandana.

The man had a short haircut with a design pattern of lines on the right side of his head.  If you have any information on the case, you're asked to call (405) 869-2501.