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GRAPHIC: 79-year-old metro man accused of sex acts with teenage girl

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. -- A 79-year-old Midwest City man is arrested and charged with performing lewd acts with an underage girl.

The victim in this case is just 15 years old.

The suspect freely admitted to performing sexual acts on the teenage girl, once at a nearby motel and another time at his home.

What led up to the lewd acts remains in dispute.

"If I'd known she was that young, I wouldn't have nothing to do with her," suspect Robert Walker said. "She looks old enough. When I found out she wasn't; that kind of floored me."

According to the court affidavit, Walker also confessed to police that "he performed oral sex on (the victim) and on her 19-year-old friend." Walker said, "He thought the victim was 18 or 19 years old."

"When they questioned me, I said, 'I'm not gonna lie to you, it happened.'"

Walker told News Channel 4 the dispute began when he gave the victim $60 to buy her mother a birthday gift.

He claims the girl volunteered to take part in the lewd acts, both at the motel and at his home, and called the victim a prostitute.

"I don't roam the streets trying to pick up girls. It's not my bag of tea. I'm not interested. This is just a one-time deal I got hung up in," Walker said.

The girl's mother didn't want to go on camera but she denies the victim is a prostitute.

She described Walker as a sexual predator who took advantage of her daughter.

Walker claims the victim recently tried to break into his home and only after he pressed charges did the girl's mother retaliate by telling Midwest City police about the alleged sexual contact.

"She said, 'I'm not gonna say anything if you get my daughter out of this predicament. If you don't, I'm gonna file charges on you.' That's what happened," Walker said.

For their part, Midwest City Police did not want to talk about the case on camera.

They said alleged sex crimes happen all the time in Midwest City.

Walker said he has hired an attorney and is confident he'll be acquitted of any wrongdoing.

Aside from a couple of traffic tickets, he doesn't have a previous criminal record.

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