Kid cop gets big surprise from Chicago Cubs

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LEXINGTON, Okla. -- An Oklahoma kid named an honorary police officer by a small town department recieved a special gift Wednesday.

Ten-year-old Xander Moore has been battling cancer for the past eight years.

Now an honorary police officer, his dream is to someday play for and own the Chicago Cubs.

While he's not quite living that dream, he may have just received one of the next best things.

We first met Officer Moore about a month ago; his story was seen around the country and it just so happens the family who owns the Cubs saw it and couldn't pass up a chance to help one of their biggest fans outside the state of Illinois.

Wednesday morning Lexington Police Chief Deanna Allen showed up at Xander's house bearing gifts but these aren't just any gifts.

A wooden bat with his name and the Chicago Cubs logo engraved, a flag autographed by his favorite team, an autographed picture, a signed ball, a hat, shirt and jacket.

One after another, the gifts kept coming.

His family watched with excitement; even Gracie the dog couldn't wait to see what was next.

To top it all off, a jersey making Xander Moore a part of the team.

Chief Allen was just as surprised as Xander to see all this Cubs gear.

A few weeks ago after our story on Xander, his police uniform and his love for the cubs aired, Chief Allen got an interesting call.

"She had heard Xander wanted to own the Cubs and she was one of the owners of the Cubs. I did initially think someone was playing a joke on me," Chief Allen said.

Obviously it was no joke.

So what is Xander's favorite among his new swag?

"I can't decide between the ball and the bat... and the flag and the jacket," he said. 

The Cubs owner also requested Chief Allen pass along her phone number to Xander so that she could talk to him.

The Moore family plans to give her a call later this week.

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