Man scammed out of insurance premiums

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DEL CITY, Okla. -- A Spencer man is duped by an insurance company employee.

His monthly payments were stolen, leaving him without any protection.

It happened at an insurance company on S.E. 29th St. St. in Del City.

Jaren Johns showed News Channel 4 receipts for several months of payments.

But Friday when he went to pay this month, he was told he didn't have insurance and hasn't for a while.

A staff member could not speak on camera but told us the employee who stole the money worked there for two and a half years but has since been fired.

That staffer said he may have stolen over $8,000.

He also said Johns was not the only victim.

"I made payments every month making payments and everything seemed copacetic when I came in," Johns said. "I also found out the payments I was making was for a company that not even insuring Oklahoma companies anymore." 

Johns said he did receive a cancellation letter and he went to find out why.

He talked to the same employee he had worked with.

"He basically said they send those letters out once in a while so you probably just got one on accident. He's in the insurance business, I'm not, so I trusted him." Johns said.

Michael Copeland fraud investigator with the Oklahoma Insurance Commission said, "It's a very difficult crime to prevent but for one thing, people shouldn't pay cash for premiums. Once we get information like this we start investing to move toward prosecution."

Johns was paying $43 a month but is now forced to pay $150 in order to have coverage again.

A staffer said the company is reviewing records to identify all customers affected and said it's working with Del City Police and the Insurance Commission.

Officials with the commission could not comment on this investigation.

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