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NORMAN, Okla. -- The NBA Finals have spawned several fun spoof Twitter accounts.

Recently, a Thunder-loving, beard-toting tabby has taken to the Twitterverse.

Meet @HardenCat. 

Bailey Fairbanks owns the cat featured as the avatar in the @HardenCat twitter feed, but she actually has nothing to do with his tweets.

Fairbanks took that now-famous pic.

In a matter of days, the snapshot went viral, being featured first on a facebook page and eventually on

Fairbanks is a volunteer with Hands Helping Paws, the organization that paired her with her beloved feline.

You can learn more about Hands Helping Paws on their facebook page.

Fairbanks recalls taking about 100 pictures, before she snapped the very best one. "Well, I'm not famous. But my cat is!"

Unbeknownst to Gunnar himself and his owner, an admirer borrowed the picture and started the twitter account.

Karla Juarez tweets for @HardenCat.

"I tried to do it from the perspective of a sarcastic bearded cat who hangs out with the thunder players." said Juarez.

The cat's meows both on Facebook and Twitter and on the official ESPN website have given rise to a whole host of kitty Thunder love on the world wide web.