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In Your Corner: Crook targets Dish customers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Scam artists are preying on Spanish speaking Dish Network customers.

Denisse Lopez and her parents say a lady posing as a Dish Network employee ripped them off to the tune of $380.

She said, “She said she was calling on behalf of Dish network.”

The baited offer included an equipment upgrade and a whopper of a discount on movie and Latino channels. 

Denisse, at the urging of her dad, purchased something we continue to warn you about, a Green Dot Money Card, something similar to a prepaid debit card.

Denisse put hundreds of dollars on the card under the false notion her money was safe since the card was still in her possession. 

That was a big mistake.

“You’d think they’d need a swipe or use something with the card in order to get money out of it, instead of just the number given on the receipt, which is the activation number on [the card],” Denisse said.  

The money is long gone and very difficult to trace.

We know of at least three victims locally that were all Latino dish customers.

In Denisse’s case, the crook, calling from a Nebraska number, hacked into her Dish Network account, then applied a bunch of unauthorized fees.

Denisse believes the hacker could be a former Dish employee.     

Dish Network’s statement:

“We take allegations of third-party fraud involving the DISH brand very seriously, and we have opened an investigation on the activity in Oklahoma City. DISH will cooperate with local authorities to prevent new, and resolve existing, third-party consumer scams. It is not a DISH practice to call and ask consumers to make an upfront payment via money card. If consumers have reason to suspect fraudulent activity, hang up and call DISH directly (1-800-333-DISH) to verify the authenticity of the caller.”

Meanwhile Denisse is doing her part to get the word out.

“Do not fall for it,” she said. “Be careful who you talk to and make sure it’s the company you’re talking to.”

More Tips:

  • Never make an upfront payment with cash or a money card.
  • If you have reason to suspect fraudulent activity, hang up and contact your satellite or cable carrier directly.