OKC dad arrested for leaving 4-year-old alone

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- An Oklahoma City dad arrested and accused of child neglect on Father's Day. Police say the suspect left his 4-year-old daughter alone inside their apartment for several hours.

Both the mother and father admitted they'd gone to work and left the little girl at home alone.

Luckily some alert neighbors saved the day and called police after the little girl knocked on their door looking for food.

"The little girl came down and said basically, 'I'm alone,'" said Bryan McCurry.

As a young parent himself, Bryan quickly realized he needed to call police.

"I've got a kid myself. There's no way I could leave her alone at that age. Any number of things could have happened. It's just not right," said McCurry.

Once on scene, police tracked down the father, Ken Kuria, who told police what happened.

"The male who was watching the child left to go to work and left the child unattended," said Oklahoma City police MSgt. Gary Knight.

Police say leaving a 4-year-old alone is clearly neglect, even though the law is a little gray on the issue.

"Often times people look for what age they can leave a child alone. The law doesn't define an age, but a 4-year-old would never fall into that category," said Knight.

Neighbors say it's also not the first time the 4-year-old has been left alone in the apartment. They say her parents need to use some common sense.

"It's not fair to the kid. She said she took a nap. Imagine she wakes up and mom and dad aren't there. She has to go searching for food. You can't do that," said McCurry.

So far. the little girl's mother isn't charged with any wrongdoing.

The father is being held on 10 thousand dollars bond at the Oklahoma County jail.

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