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OKC law firm Thunders Up for charity

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Doesn't everyone wish that they could wear a Thunder t-shirt to work every day?

The employees at Hall Estill law firm in downtown Oklahoma City are participating in a fun program that is raising money for the United Way.

First Amendment attorney, Bob Nelon donned his Thunder blue and jeans for work Tuesday.

"Normally I'd be in a coat and tie, but today I've got to Thunder Up!" Nelon said.

Employees at Hall Estill get a free pass from business attire for a $3 donation per day.

They firm has raised almost $1,000 so far.

Hall Estill has agreed to match the donations.

Organizer Tammy Wilkerson is says employees have been allowed to Thunder Up every game day during the playoffs and any day of the week during The Finals.

Legal secretary, Gwen Johnson, sports a Harden-style beard on game days.

The United Way is a non-profit organization that works as a charity clearinghouse, distributing funds to worthy causes around the state.