In Your Corner: Home show a bust

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- There’s controversy surrounding a home and remodeling show scheduled for last weekend at the Oklahoma State Fair Park.

That show never happened leaving vendors who rented booth space to wonder where their money went.

Andrew Taylor is the out-of-state promoter accused of causing the show to flop.

He feverishly denied ripping off local vendors like Edmond chiropractor Brad Finley.

“The agreement was I'd pay him $850 dollars for the show and then I show up that Friday morning and I see an empty building that should be set up for a show,” Finley said.

The In Your Corner team has learned Taylor, who uses a Los Angeles County, California business address tried to postpone his home show not once, but twice since 2011.

He claims because of poor sales.

“The bottom line is man, that we paid the facility, they cashed our money,” Taylor said. “We had a contract. We booked the space. Everybody that gave us money, we signed a contract with them.”

Oklahoma State Park spokesperson, Scott Munz, says the fairgrounds finally terminated Taylor's contract because the promoter failed to fulfill the obligations of his agreement.

“Which were basically three things,” Munz said. “(To) give us a signed contract, pay us the balance of the deposit, and provide us proof of insurance and at that time we took the show down from our website.” 

Our investigation also revealed new complaints, allegations of more botched home shows and furious vendors in Maryland and Florida.

Again, Taylor cited lagging sales. Vendors like Finley aren’t not buying Taylor's story.

The home improvement show is a bust. It won’t happen at the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds.

Because Andrew Taylor won't commit to refunding any of the local vendors their money, we've instructed all vendors to file a complaint with their local authorities and the Oklahoma Attorney General.

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