Carina Saunders murder investigation expands

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Bethany Police detectives have zeroed in on an area in Southwest Oklahoma City as a possible location for the 2011 murder of Carina Saunders.

Eight months ago police made the gruesome discovery of Saunders' dismembered body.

The remains were discovered in a duffel bag near a grocery in Bethany.

Police believe Saunders was tortured before the killing.

There may have been witnesses.

Authorities have named several suspects accused of involvement in the brutal killing, but so far no one has officially been charged with her death.

Police have not been able to identify where Saunders was killed.

There may have been multiple locations where crimes took place across the metro.

This week Bethany Police detectives have made multiple trips to the area of Southwest 34th and Harvey in Oklahoma City.

They are questioning neighbors about the structure that used to stand at 3500 South Harvey.

It is a grassy lot now; the structure was demolished in 2011.

3500 South Harvey was apparently a hot bed of criminal activity while it was still standing.

Oklahoma City sex offender, Larry Kirby, committed suicide inside the home following a police chase.

The house was vandalized in 2011, painted with the words "DOPE HOUSE."

An arsonist set fire to the structure around the time Saunders' body was discovered in Bethany.

According to neighbors Bethany Police have indicated they believe Saunders' murder took place at 3500 South Harvey after the fire and before the demolition, while the house was abandoned.

Evidence crucial to solving the murder may be buried beneath the grass.

Bethany Police issued the following statement regarding the new information NewsChannel 4 uncovered:

"The Bethany Police Department is continuing to aggressively work any leads concerning the Carina Saunders case. These leads have led us all over the metropolitan area. At this time the Bethany Police Department has no new information regarding this case that can be released."

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