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Fight to manage Zoo concerts

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Things are getting heated at the Oklahoma City Zoo as one contractor accuses the Zoo Trust of impropriety. 

Facility Management Group owned by Howard Pollack, has promoted and managed all the concerts at the Zoo Amphitheater for the past 10 years. But leaders have chosen a new company.

A public meeting on the matter was held Wednesday.

"I just want someone to access the request for proposals (RFP) fairly and honestly then look at the job we've done." Pollack said.

Pollack believes he and his employees are being pushed out by a company that was formed just one day before the bids were due.

He also believes leaders who chose the new company have a vested interest they have not made public. 

"We want to keep the money here in Oklahoma. We want to keep the staff who have worked here for over 10 years and support their families secure," said Pollack.

He was not allowed to speak to the council but his four attorneys spoke on his behalf.

One got a standing ovation from the nearly one hundred people who came to support him.

Daryl Jones has traveled from Clinton, OK to attend concerts at the amphitheater for 40 years. "This sucks. I don't think it was done on the up and up and it sucks." Jones said.

He continues saying Facility Management Group has made the venue what it is today. "If you know what it was like in the beginning and you see what we have now, there is no comparison," said Jones.

One trustee said, "Every time there's competition for a city contract there are winners and there are losers. Somebody is going to get it but not everybody."

Other than comments made during the meeting, trust members did not speak to us at the advice of its attorney.

After almost an hour in a closed-door executive session, the trust decided to table the decision.

They plan to make a decision by the next meeting.