3D mammography comes to OKC

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- One in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

Experts say early detection offers a 97% five-year survival rate.

Oklahoma Breast Care Center has just unveiled a 3-dimensional mammography machine that they believe will save lives.

Radiologist Dr. Paula Deupree says it is the first and only in Oklahoma City.

"In addition to the standard mammogram most women are used to the machine will take an additional sweep across the breast. That allows us to take a look at the tissue in one millimeter slices." said Dr. Deupree.

The new 3D Breast Tomosynthesis machine looks almost exactly like a traditional mammography imagine machine.

Experts believe the 3D images give them a 20% better chance of detecting cancers early.

"We're able to view the tissue layer by layer. So any tissue that would be hiding because it's stacked on top of each other, that problem disappears." Dr. Deupree said.

Right now, the additional $49 3D scan charge is not covered by health insurance.

Doctors recommend all women start annual mammograms at 40 years old.

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