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Thunder makes fans out of non-sports lovers

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OKLAHOMA CITY — The Thunder is known to spin Oklahomans into a cyclone but the boys in blue and orange are also drawing fans who typically prefer other entertainment.

Gerri Joachmins has never liked any type of sport. Her first husband loved all sports, she didn’t enjoy that one bit. So before she married her second husband she made sure she wouldn’t have the same problem.

“I told him, I’m not marrying another sports guy. So for many years we’ve just not been into sports at all,” says Joachmins.

But one day something happened to Joachmins when a church friend gave her tickets to the game.

“I still can remember the excitement walking up to the arena and seeing all those people. I have never seen anything like it. Once we got inside it was even worse. I thought oh my gosh, the excitement is unbelievable.”

Now she sits at the edge of her seat during every game, yells at the tv and cheers like she’s in the stadium.

“My husband looks at me and says, who is this woman?” Joachmins continues “I don’t see the same humility in other teams like I’ve seen with our guys. Our guys even lifted up a guy up from the other team off the floor. They are just great people.”

The electricity of the Thunder has the power to convert non sports lovers into fanatics. Angi Lovejoy was not into sports either. “I think that seeing them as role model for my son has helped me become a fan,” says Lovejoy.

She says he didn’t even understand basketball but started watching the games because she saw how it united OU and OSU fans. Like everybody else, she now has Thunder fever. “We schedule everything around the game. I even get really nervous to the point where my stomach hurts when the score is close,” says Lovejoy.

The women are looking forward to next season.

La’Tasha Givens Reporting