Woman Sues DPS Over Driver’s License

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OKLAHOMA CITY-- An Oklahoma woman is suing the Department of Public Safety over something on her driver's license.  She says they are violating her religious rights. 

"I couldn't do it.  I couldn't do it.  That was it for me," said Kaye Beach. 

Beach's license expired February of last year and she refuses to renew it. 

Beach said, "I believe that it's a system that God condemns."

She's filed a lawsuit against DPS saying the requirements to get a driver's license violate her religious rights. 

"I don't think that biometrics is the mark of the beast.  However, it's taking us right down that path," said Beach. 

In the Bible, Revelation Chapter 13 talks about man being marked with a number of the beast and ties that number to financial control. 

When your picture is taken for your driver's license, the state's cameras use something called biometrics. 

Basically it's recording the measurements between facial features, assigning numbers to every person, a reference, Kaye believes, to Revelation. 

She says, "Biometric ID is an international system of financial control.  It ties your body directly to a system of financial control and it's global."

Attorney David Slane is not representing Beach, but feels she may have a good chance of winning her lawsuit. 

Slane said, "The Department of Public Safety has added a lot of things to our driver's license that really don't have anything to do with driving an automobile."

And he says this lawsuit could have far reaching effects. 

He said, "If the court decides it based on a first amendment right, it will end up in federal court and could potentially affect everyone's driver's license in the United States."

For now, Kaye tries to live without the most common form of identification. 

"Whether you're Christian, or whether you're not Christian, it's a bad system," says Beach.   

Beach does think a picture should be on our driver's licenses, but that it should be taken with a low resolution camera that doesn't use biometrics.

The state attorney general is representing DPS in this lawsuit.  They said they have no comment on the issue at this time.

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